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Useful Mandarin Phrases for Traveling in China

While you might be able to navigate your way through first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou with just English, some simple phrases in Mandarin might come in handy when you venture outside of the urban comfort zone. For those with limited Chinese skills, here are a few that you should have in your back pocket.

General Phrases

Excuse me, can you help me please?


Bùhǎo yìsi, kěyǐ bāngmáng ma?

Do you speak English?


Nǐ huì shuō yīngwén ma?

I don’t speak Chinese.


Wǒ búhuì shuō pǔtōnghuà.

Could you write that down for me in Chinese characters?


Qǐng yòng zhōngwén xiě xiàlái.

Where is the bathroom?


Wèishēngjiān zài nǎ’er?

Can you take a photo for me?


Nǐ kěyǐ bāng wǒ pāizhào mā?

Food Phrases


辣/ 咸/ 甜/ 酸/ 苦


I am a vegetarian.


Wǒ shì chī sù de.

No spicy.


Bùyào là.

I’m allergic to XXX.

我对 XXX 过敏的。

Wǒ duì XXX guòmǐn.

Shopping Phrases

How much is this?


Duōshǎo qián?

Please give it to me for cheaper.


Qǐng nǐ gěi wǒ piányí diǎn.

Transportation Phrases




Where can I get a taxi?


Chūzū chē zài nǎ’er?

Take me to XXX.

带我去 XXX.

Dài wǒ qù XXX.

I’d like to go to this place.


Wǒ yào qù zhège dìfāng.

When is the next bus?


xià yī bān chē shì shénme shíhòu?

Shenzhen metro map

It’s very convenient to go many good locations by the metro. The price is start 2RMB.

The below is Shenzhen metro map now.

Have a check and you will find more.

Shenzhen metro map

Shenzhen honey lake park

The park is located at Futian district, there are some good school and good community, you can imagine the apartment price.😝😝😝

Also here is the party place for Korean, they live here for gathering. I would like to say this area is a small Korea.

Follow me please, let’s have a look at the park around.

From the park you can walk to the Donghai walk street where the Korean usually live and gathering.



There is a famous road in Shenzhen is called shennan road, you will see the shennan road when you see the tallest building marked big M word showed.

Now I need to go to school😝📒📎📌🖌📝✔️

Shenzhen, after the Typhoon Mangkhut

The strongest Typhoon Mangkhut is gone but there are so many things left to do for shenzhen. Look at the below is what the Typhoon Mangkhut brought to us.

Shenzhen Typhoon Mangkhut

The Typhoon Mangkhut has gone at 17th, September, I went to the park and still see many poor trees like this.

I think those poor trees need much time to deal with. It said there are about 10 thousands trees been destroyed like this.